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About OGH Expo II, 2012


ORGANIC, GREEN & HEALTHY EXPO of INDONESIA II, Tebet Green Mall, October 5-7, 2012

It’s Time to Share…



Indonesia is a very potential Agronomical Country which has numbers of Farmers, Producers, and also Customers.

Organic is a kind of Mindset: Organic Heart Organic Mind

In this 2nd Expo, Indonesian Organic Community (KOI-Komunitas Organik Indonesia) gathers Farmers and Producers all over Indonesia which has Organic / Natural, Green & Healthy Products and Services, expose them and advise everyone that Indonesia has it all!



Last year the Expo has assembled +70 SME’s from around Indonesia with OGH Products and Services. And this year, there are lot of new registrants. The Committee has also already has several Guess Speakers and Contributors. Among them are:

  • William Wongso, Famous Chef and Culinary Expert

  • Wied Harry, Food Combining Expert and Books Writer

  • Melly Manuhutu, Artist, Activist and Organic Practitioner

  • Chef Michael Whyag, Organic & Natural Chef

  • Bibong Widyarti, Organic Educator & Book Writer

  • Ning Harmanto, Natural Herbalist

  • Mike Rini Sutikno CFP, Green Finance for Healthy Family


Community Friends

This year’s Expo also will have several friends of the Community, cooperates in spreading organic, green and healthy education. Among them are:

  • Aliansi Organis Indonesia – AOI

  • Prasetiya Mulya Community Centre

  • Slow Food International

  • Clean Batik Initiative – Ekonid

  • Green Building Council of Indonesia

  • Omar Niode Foundation

  • NOVA Ladies Fair - NOVA Tabloid & Kompas Gramedia Magazine Group

  • Cooking Plus with Olivia Wongso

  • KUBIK Sukses Mulia

  • Komunitas Halaman Organik

  • Indonesia Berkebun – Outdoor Free Space Gardening


Exposition 2012

This year Events are including of:

  • Trash for Bags by Elderly People – LUMINTU

  • Garbage Bank – Eco Biorganik

  • Healthy & Natural Cooking – William Wongso

  • Organic Certified and Regulation – Andjar Syukmadi, Ir. AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT

  • Healthy Yoga – Erykar Lebang

  • Natural Foods for Everyone – KAINARA

  • Organicly Food – Chef Michael Whyag

  • Natural Soap for Healthy Skin – Gerai Green, Finalist of Wirausaha Mandiri

  • Plant your Backyard - FAM Organic and Komunitas Halaman Organik

  • Plant Vegetables on Abandoned Land – Indonesia Berkebun

  • Healthy Cooking for Children by Mama Koki Handal

  • Greenpreneurship 2 Competition – Readers Digest Indonesia

  • And many more

And with the involvement of:

  • +200 Booth Participants

  • +30 Seminars, Talkshow and Cooking Demo

  • +3.000 visitors daily

  • Numbers of Media (Seputar Indonesia, Kompas Group, Femina Group, Masima Radionet Group - Delta FM /Female Radio/Prambors/Bahana, Green Radio, DFM, Propertimedia)


For more information, please contact: